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Weight Loss and Weight Management


Not everyone loses weight for the same reasons or the same way, so we will not treat your sessions as if you do. All of our sessions are individual and confidential. Your hypnosis session will be designed with your personal success in mind.


Hypnosis allows the changing of old programming that is causing you to eat out of habit, emotions and learned behaviors from your upbringing or past experiences.


Weight management hypnosis is geared to modify the thoughts influencing a person's eating and exercise habits. Rather than focusing on the loss of weight or pounds. The hypnotist will assist you in learning to naturally focus on what you want and know why you want it. In other words, discovering your deeper goals.

Many people set their goals like weight loss but what they are really wishing for is to look and feel better. In plain English, they want to be happy and healthy.

By defining and helping establish the proper desire behind each goal, hypnotists consistently have been able to see their clients achieve astounding results in weight management.


Feeling Good


If you have ever eaten as a response to emotional situations, you may begin to get an idea as to how powerful our methods for weight loss can be! Once old feelings from the past are neutralized and the new feelings are dealt with in a satisfying way, you will be on your way to not only losing your excess weight but also keeping it off.


Personalized Sessions


Our programs range from 2 to 6 sessions. We not only use hypnosis but often teach you self hypnosis so that you can continue to reinforce your success forever. Our program also includes teaching you about the covert language of feelings (emotions). This is a powerful tool to assist you in responding to your feelings properly so that you can reduce or eliminate the emotional distress that keeps many people locked in self-destructive eating habits.


Even if you have tried diets or hypnosis before to address your weight issue, you will be surprised at how different and effective our programs are. Many other programs do not take into account factors such as family training, mood and emotions, habits, quality of diet, exercise level, genetic predisposition, and other contributing factors.


Most weight loss programs are selling simplicity and for this reason, they simply do not work.


Experience for Yourself...What others have achieved!


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