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Smoking Cessation 
stop smoking 

Are You Ready to Stop Smoking?  

Then Quit Trying to Quit and join the thousands of people that have become smoke free with Hypnosis 


At Tri-State Hypnosis Center we focus on you, as an individual. We know that no one starts or stops smoking for same reasons so we won't treat you like everyone else.



Be Smart!

If you have tried to Quit Smoking also called Smoking Cessation and have failed it may not be your fault! It may be all the mis-information you have received.


SetYourself Free!


If you’re the kind of person who wants to break free from the Smoking habit and finally get what you desire in life...Then this will be the best few hours that you have ever experienced.




We use proven and tested successful hypnosis programs:


This program is the most successful two session program available. You will receive two powerful hypnosis sessions by a nationally certified hypnotherapist. Your sessions will be individually and personally designed to make your desires to be a "non-smoker" a reality. Here at Tri-State Hypnosis Center we take Your success personal.


If Freedom from smoking is what you truly desire call now and make an appointment to have a healthy smoke free life.


If you are a one pack a day smoker you will save approximately $2000.00 the first year you quit, and you keep making more money every day! Smoking Cessation makes sense in both health and in your financial well-being.


How much $$ CASH $$ will you save when you quit today?   Don't just guess fill in the info below and KNOW!!


All appointments are made by phone.

Call today and live a life free of smoking forever!

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Read what some of our clients have said about our succesful stop smoking programs


Did you know that:


Withdrawals symptoms are largely the result of conditioned responses.

You are constantly reinforcing your conditioned responses with your beliefs and your self talk. Have you ever heard yourself say, "Quitting is hard to do; I don't think that I can stop smoking or I want a cigarette so bad that I can’t relax."? You are basically asking your body to crave a cigarette and making yourself feel as if you can't think straight until you get one.

You will get what you ask for.

Many of my clients say they have no cravings when they have used our hypnosis sessions to stop smoking. Here is why. During the first session you are taught how the mind works so you do not continue the negative self-talk that guaranteed your failure in the past. You are also taught how to frequently tell your mind and body that this will be easy, and to expect it to be easy. You will come to understand that most cravings are a result of a conditioned response! The conditioned responses are powerful, but through hypnosis you can create new and healthier responses.


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stop smoking

Stop Smoking

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